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   TURBOTACT Radio/Telephone Interconnect for MOTOTRBO™
 Product code: TR-4800M

Documents available for download:

Make and receive telephone calls on your MOTOTRBO™ Motorola professional digital two-way radio mobiles and handhelds.

  • Make and receive telephone calls on your MOTOTRBO™ professional digital two way radio system
  • The most powerful, yet simple to use telephone interconnect ever made
  • All call, group call and private call capable
  • Half duplex –radio user has full voice path control using Tx Interrupt
  • Talk to any telephone in the world
  • Last number redial
  • 100 speed dial numbers
  • Automatic disconnect
  • AutoAttendant mode guides callers with customised voice prompts
  • Record output for recording radio-telephone calls
  • In-field firmware upgradeable
  • Simple installation - comes complete with interface and power cables for connection to any DM36xx mobile in your fleet, telephone cord for IP fax line, PABX extension or ordinary phone line. Plug & Play.
  • TURBOTACT is a certified Motorola XCMP-Based peripheral


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