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The Mastercall Dial-up PA Interface, with an inbuilt line-powered pre-amplifier, interfaces a standard telephone line, analog PABX extension, VoIP FXS or ATA port or TIPT IAD port to a line-level input of a Public Address amplifier. It allows people to make PA announcements from any telephone simply by dialing the PA extension number. The MD-4900 has an inbuilt microprocessor controlled busy tone and disconnect tone detector so that calls to the PA disconnect virtually the moment the caller hangs up.  
[Product code: MD-4900 PA]

 PE-4937 PAGING GROUP EXPANDERFor Siemens HiCom and HiPath
Make a group page call to up to 99 handsets. For Siemens HiCom and HiPath. For Siemens HiCom and HiPath  
[Product code: PE-4937]

Simply pick up a line on your phone system and talk over the PA system.  
[Product code: LI-4302PA]

The VoIP Tie Line (TL) Analog Interface together with a Cisco ATA forms a low cost tie line between two PABX or Key Telephone systems, or remote handsets. Other applications just for the Analog Interface include dial up audio Broadcast/PA & Monitoring.  
[Product code: VI-4950]
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Design 2000
Design 2000