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Design 2000
Design 2000
Design 2000
Design 2000
"Design 2000 releases the first MP3 player capable of receiving Email updates"

November 2nd, 2006

MiniCube is a specialized MP3 audio player for playing messages & music to telephone callers that are placed on-hold.

MP3 stands for Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG)-1 Audio Layer-3 compression format. It is the most popular audio-coding scheme on the Internet. MP3 allows efficient compression of audio files by a factor of up to 12 with little loss in perceivable quality from the original source material. By ripping down audio files into MP3 format, file sizes are significantly reduced, less memory is required, files can be sent more quickly, and yet a high standard of audio quality is maintained.

Multiple MP3 Audio files can be emailed or serially uploaded to the MiniCube and playback can be serially controlled. By default, the audio files are played back sequentially in a continuous loop. Audio files are stored on a Secure Digital (SD) Card.


  • MP3 playback
  • SD Card file storage (hot-swappable)
  • Multi-file support
  • Auto-Start on power-up
  • RS232 Serial comms (USB via optional RS232 to USB converter cable)
  • Client program included Automatic checking of email accounts for MP3 updates!
  • Supplied preloaded with superb royalty-free music ready for immediate use

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Design 2000
Design 2000