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A Glimpse into the History of the Design 2000 Group of Companies


Design 2000 Pty Ltd, founded by the late Mr. Jim Zeug, began its operations in 1968 focusing on dc Motor Controllers and dc Power Supplies. It was an exciting time with tremendous opportunities for Australian design & manufacturing companies, with local manufacture really beginning to boom.


During the 1970’s, the company diversified into microprocessor-based systems and embedded systems design. This technology gave rise to a range of industrial process control equipment and telecommunication accessories.


In the 1980’s we achieved huge success with our Sequential Timers for dust emission control, Telephone Apparatus Measuring systems, Telephone Call Diversion equipment that found its way into business premises and ultimately into telephone exchanges across Australia, and Two-Way Radio/Telephone Interconnect for the mining, transportation and warehousing industries.


In the 1990’s, Design 2000 was involved in ISDN Terminal Adaptors, Breath Alcohol Analysis equipment and Remote Exchange Testers for Telstra’s future mode of operation.


Now in the 2000’s, the company continues to design and manufacture Digital Controllers for dust emission control, embedded communications equipment for the telecommunications industry such as Digital Announcers, Door station telephones, Networked On-Hold players, and Line Isolation equipment. Yet Design 2000 is looking to diversify further, focusing on developing products and services for:

  • The Electrical Industry
  • The Aged Care Market
  • ICT (TCP/IP) Based Products

Exciting new products for 2007

Phase Angle Meter

The Phase Angle Meter is a purpose-built device that measures the Phase Angle, AC Voltage, frequency and AC Current in an electricity supply network such as at electrical sub-stations and metering installations. It is used to identify costly reactive losses in power distribution. The User Interface consists of a keypad and 2 x 16 character LCD display. The meter’s ease of use and accuracy makes it suitable for any application where Voltage and Current levels do not exceed 500V and 10A respectively. bVoltage and Current overload warnings are provided, and the Voltage and Current inputs are fully isolated from each other as well as the user. The PAM meter is self-contained, battery powered and highly portable - designed for handheld operation.

Spark-e-Mate Electrical Safety Tester
SparkyMate performs comprehensive electrical wiring tests implicit in AS/NZS 3000:2007 from a socket outlet, with no need for a separate earth reference, no need to bridge out RCDs, and no need to disconnect electrical appliances. Safety tests include: • Polarity and Earth connection • Supply voltage • Voltage drop under load • Residual Current Device (Earth leakage detector or Safety switch) operation • Fault Loop Impedance (without tripping RCDs) • Earth Continuity • Insulation resistance • Test extension leads

PoleVolt is a linesman’s test set for detecting the presence or absence of voltages on overhead power lines or ground mounted switch gear. PoleVolt consists of two heavy duty PVC sticks with 203 grade stainless steel hooks (or optionally probes) that make affirmative contact with the wires. At the lower end of one of the sticks is the control box that contains the self-test voltage generator and voltage measurement circuitry and on the other is a battery compartment. At the bottom end of the sticks are sure grip rubber handles that are interconnected with 4-core flex cable. An alternative model is available with reduced length and stainless steel spikes in place of hooks for testing switchgear in padmount substations.

The VoltTest tests the integrity of 240V AC Multi-meters and its associated leads, so as to improve the safety of personnel working on mains equipment. The device encases a power supply and micro controller dedicated to the generation of an AC voltage in excess of 230V. It is powered by a 9V battery and activated by holding the test button depressed. A LED indicator will illuminate when a voltage is present at the output terminals. By simply connecting the meter under test to the output terminal, the user will quickly be able to verify the meter's ability to read a 240V AC voltage present on other equipment. The micro controller verifies the output and times to a maximum of 10 seconds.

SecureDoor is designed to prevent residents with dementia from wandering away from the safety of their Care facility. The system monitor residents in Care facilities via a wearable ‘pendant’ which operates using radio frequencies and can lock a door as a resident approaches, then unlock it again once the resident has left the door’s immediate proximity. The automatic locking of a resident’s door may be subject to local policy or depend on the resident’s condition, so SecureDoor can be configured to activate a number of other alerting devices to notify the caretaker of a resident leaving their room or the premises.

The system is comprised of two main devices:
1) A controller unit that is fixed on a wall or the ceiling above the door and connected to an electric door-strike, a light, a sounder, the main alarm system or any other alerting device.
2) A small wearable pendant which is placed on the resident’s body, garments or support equipment. The controller unit sends out a constant carrier to which a pendant within range will respond with a unique ID code. The controller then goes into alarm mode and activates the outputs driving the door-strike, alarm lights and sounds until either an override input is received or the tag moves outside the controller’s physical range of operation.

MiniCube is a specialized MP3 audio player for playing messages & music to telephone callers that are placed on-hold. MP3 stands for MPEG Layer-3 audio-compression format. It is the most popular audio-coding scheme on the Internet. MP3 allows efficient compression of audio files by a factor of up to 12 with little loss in perceivable quality from the original source material. By ripping down audio files into MP3 format, file sizes are significantly reduced, less memory is required, files can be sent more quickly, and yet a high standard of audio quality is maintained. Multiple MP3 Audio files can be emailed or serially uploaded to the MiniCube and playback can be serially controlled. By default, the audio files are played back sequentially in a continuous loop. Audio files are stored on a Secure Digital (SD) Card.

WaveCube is a Networked Audio Unit - an MP3 audio file loop-playback device for playing messages (music and/or speech) to telephone callers when they are placed on hold. Your on-hold message is retained indefinitely until you upload a new one. Loop-playback starts automatically when power is applied. Uploading a pre-recorded MP3 format message of up to 12MB in size is done remotely by an Ethernet connection through a custom Windows program supplied on a CD-ROM with your WaveCube. Applications for the WaveCube include telephone on-hold messaging, recorded information services and audio presentations.


Design 2000 prides itself with exporting our Australian designed & manufactured products to most parts of the globe.

Exports within the last three years include:

New Zealand
Atlas Gentech, Auckland
Bay Communications, Napier
Telstra Saturn, Auckland
Siemens, Wellington
Tait Communications Ltd., Christchurch
Capital Communications Ltd., Wellington
Call Q Announcer CQA-5
Remote Exchange Tester MC-8044
Announcement Appliance AA-4860
Germany, Cologne
Remote Exchange Tester MC-8044
Spectrum Kazakstan
(Metromedia International Telcell Inc.)
Positron Public Safety Systems Inc.
Montreal , Quebec
MGTI, Semarang
Philips, Jakarta
Remote Exchange Tester MC-8044
Call Q Announcer CQA-5
Cell Radio, Madrid
Movitel, Playa.C.Habana
TMC Inc., Taipei
GlobaOne, Oak Hill VA
Remote Exchange Tester MC-8044
Telstra Global Operations
Ericsson, Tokyo
Office Extender 4648 RAC
Remote Exchange Tester MC-8044
Hong Kong
Telstra Global Operations
Office Extender 4648 RAC
Ericsson, Billingstad
DTMF to RS232 Converter CN-4750
Simoco, Calcutta
The Netherlands
AEG-Telpro plus b.v., Amsterdam

Export Targets for 2007 include:

SADCA, Aragua
TACT TA-4800
Telstra Global Operations
Remote Exchange Tester MC-8044
Siemens Ltd
Announcement Appliance AA-4860
South Africa
RADTEL, Centurion, Gauteng
Entropia Networks NV
TACT TA-4800

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